Get to know me


My name is Maya Ben Jonathan and I'm a Textile designer who graduated from Shenkar's College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv.


For me, the entry to the world of design was very surprising. At first, I applied for a bachelor's degree in law and government at a prestigious college in Israel and got accepted.

At the last minute, right after I paid my tuition, I decided it was not my true desire.

I immediately started looking for my next challenge. During my search, I went onto Shankar's website, where I first encountered textile studies, read the curriculum, and fell in love with it. I know, sounds like a fairy tale…

During our main class selection, I discovered that my attraction to textile design was not coincidental. In fact, my great-grandparents owned a well-known fur store on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv, where their factory was also located. Their love for the profession was well known among the family, and now I feel like I'm following their path (but don't worry, I'm not in favor of furs)

My main specialty is knitting. It is my passion, and through it, I create what inspires me.