Can the material experience be translated through a flat screen? The audio and the picture experience we succeeded to translate perfectly into the screen. But the experience of touch remains exclusively in the physical space.

Welcome to My world


First place winning  and presenting at Pitti Fillati fair.

"International contest dedicated to talented students from leading design schools around the world"


Industrial Knitting Machine.


Manual Knitting machine.

I studied the color, structure and movement held in the fountain “Water and Fire” by Yaakov Agam, and their expression in textiles.


Hand Knitting.

in collaboration with LION BRAND YARN COMPANY.


Industrial and Manual Knitting machin.

The magic of knitting occurred when I managed to knit in one part the outer and inner layer together. Then, I created these shapes so that they could be worn on the body like bags.


Pattern Repeat- Drawing and painting by hand

Based on the plane symmetry group. Each symmetry is first drawn, then painted by hand and finally scanned.

The final output is a pattern repeat.


A selection of hand crafted works.

Paper sculpture, Oil painting, 

Water color drawing, Stencil printing.